$SBC- Allocation and Unlock Schedule


We are committed to building games, communities, and ecosystems in a sustainable way. So all the token metrics such as the total number, the allocation ratio, the lock rate are carefully considered.

All "Coin" collected by players in Sky Bandit (Blockchain Version) could be changed to $SBC TOKEN. (The official exchange approaches and rate will be announced in our official channel: Whitepaper, please stay tuned.)

The Utility of $SBC TOKEN:

  1. Purchase several golden items in-game.

  2. Staking for rewards.

  3. Trading with other players to buy character or weapon.

  4. Participate in Senior and Expert Tournaments.

  5. Restore gem durability.

  6. Reforged gem attributes and abilities (will be available in the future)

  7. Improve hero abilities (will be available in the future)

  8. Unlock Heroic Ultimate (will be available in the future)

  9. Minting NFTs Other chain related functions.

  10. Other on-chain related functions.

Vesting schedule:

AllocationTotal SupplyPercentage of Total Supply

Token Exchange



Public Sale









Staking Reward



Play to Earn



Ecosystem Fund



● Token Exchange (4%, 40,000,000 SBC TOKEN ): It is unlocked on the launch day of SBC TOKEN listing on Crypto Exchange.

● Public Sale (1%, 10,000,000 SBC TOKEN ): On Crypto Exchange.

● Team & Advisor (28%, 280,000,000 SBC TOKEN): The token is fully locked in the first 6 months, 20% is unlocked by the end of the private sale, the rest amount is unlocked over 24 months by each month.

● Staking Reward (10%, 100,000,000 SBC TOKEN): Gradual unlock over 24 months. Plans: Staking instructions: (Please follow the process and select SBC) https://op1.gitbook.io/boxtradex/guides/exchange-crypto/debt/subscription-process

● Play to Earn (49%, 490,000,000 SBC TOKEN): 20% is unlocked at the launch day of Sky Bandit Game (Blockchain Version), then linear vesting over the next 24 months.

● Ecosystem Fund (8%, 80,000,000 SBC TOKEN): Use as rewards for users and partnerships during the game playing.

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