Roadmap and milestones

Q4, 2020:
● The initial version is launched on the release platform.
● The number of downloads and accumulated players is also about 200,000. The highest number of monthly active players reaches 5 to 6000 people all over Japan, Taiwan, and North America.
Q1, 2022:
● Verify ideals, start designing and restructuring the SKY BANDIT in the GameFi version
● Connect with advisors and prepare for official plans
Q2, 2022:
● Marketing activities
● Game development
Q3, 2022:
● Complete the game redesign (Blockchain Version)
● NFT marketplace for players to buy/sell
● Apply blockchain technologies into the game
- Buy game items, upgrade levels by SBC tokens
- Mint general NFT tokens (by game creator)
- Reward $SBC TOKEN for players who stake $SBC TOKEN, win the game, or they are referential
● Officially launching the game and starting the staking pool
Starting from 2022 Q3 after the redesigned game launched, within a year will be at least 3 new heroes, 20 new equipment(a.k.a the stone) and 50 new collections in the game, and one or more new event.
Q4 2022:
● Improve the game
- New hero, new weapon ,and new collection item
- Allow players to breed new one from theirs parents and mint NFT tokens, evolve and trade on the marketplace
● Listing $SBC TOKEN on crypto exchange
Q1 2023:
● Improve the game
-Hero NFT and more complicated equipment forge mechanism
-More main line story
-Hero and weapon level upgrade system
-In-game store system
-More types of tournaments
Time-based event and activity
● Community development
● Business expansion
● Operating and exploiting Q2 2023:
● Developing the second part of the game will take place in a future where humans cross space and time building their own virtual Metaverse empires
● Metaverse element the island and LBS AR, put your NFT item in the real world
Q3&Q4 2023:
● Marketing activities
● Game development
● Community development
● Business expansion
● Operating and exploiting