Tournament (Earn SBC Token!)

The game is mainly based on the multiplayer tournament mode: players from all over the world compete for the ranking of the leaderboard at the same time, and they will be rewarded according to their performance. Players will compete with global players in the tournament. Tournaments will have different game rules and sizes, entry conditions and rewards. The first wave of game tournaments will have 2 to 3 rules of play, the details will be announced in the future. General Tournament: Pay $SBF to enter, no NFTs to play, less rewards. Senior Tournament: $SBC entry, NFT required, general reward pool size. Expert Tournament: $SBC entry, NFT required, huge reward pool size.

Tickets are required for each championship purchase, and the ticket fee will become the reward pool bonus.

The distribution method of the tournament reward pool will be as follows: *As long as there is a player who participates in the competition and the score reaches a certain threshold, there is a chance to get the participation prize airdrop. According to the number of participations, a player can participate in the same tournament multiple times and obtain the participation prize probability. will also increase.

Classic - Defeat all enemies in the fastest time!

Survival - Survive within the time limit!

Phantom Strike - Challenge the boss and dodge attacks!

Out in force - Enemies will appear en masse, try to take them down en masse!

Gold Coin Hunt - Only gold coins count, so collect them all!

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