Stats (Attributes)
There are 6 types of gem attributes: ● ATK - Attack Power: Affects the character's attack power. ● CRIT - Crit: Affects the character's crit rate and crit damage. ● HP -Health: Affects the character's maximum health. ● REC - Recovery:Affects character resilience. ● DUR - Durability: Affects gemstone durability. Players will consume gemstone durability when competing. When the durability drops to a certain percentage, it will affect the attribute strength given by gemstones. Durability can be replenished with $SBC. ● SPEC - Special Ability: Provides additional special abilities for characters.
The character will affect the skills that can be triggered according to the characteristics of the equipped gems, for example: Equipping 1 red gem and 1 round gem has a chance to touch the skill - fire attack.
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