Hero System

upgradesHeroes are an important element of Sky Bandit. Heroes have their own skills and nirvana, which can be unlocked by inserting stones to upgrade. Heroes can become NFTs through the Forge Book and trade with other players. Hero NFT can unlock the hero origin level for free and get rich rewards.

Heroes are divided into three rarities: silver, gold, and diamond. Each has unlocked slots, enhanced attribute limits, and discounts for unlocking conditions. Heroes can be obtained by unlocking achievements, stores, or NFT markets outside the game!

HARPIA (哈比亞)

Unique skill: Field damage

POKETO (波吉托)

Unique skill: invincible

ANGELA (安琪拉)

Unique skill: Self-healing + full infection

BLAKE (布萊克)

Unique skill: Fist of heaven

HIKARI (日里香)

Unique skill: Range slash


Unique skill: Recovery power in exchange for a large attack power

Hero Level-up mechanism

Heroes upgrade attributes and abilities by inserting gems, and at 6 stars, additional gem skills are given! Each hero has different gem characteristics and upgrades bonus conditions, making the upgrade more efficient

Unlock the hero stone slot, insert the stone, get the hero level provided by the gem, and increase the hero star level!

Every time the hero increases by one-star level, he will unlock the numerically enhanced skills, and when he reaches six stars (hero level 360), he will be given an additional stone skill! Every upgrade of a one-star level will unlock different hero skills at the same time

Gems are freely wearable, allowing players to maximize the benefits of gem skills and hero levels

Hero origin

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