Sky Bandit : Hero Crystal

Official Sky Bandit Whitepaper, last updated March 2023


Fantasy sky battle casual Hyper RPG! One-finger control, easy to use. Are you ready for the challenge?

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The mist of magic sweeps the world! The ancient kingdom was torn into endless empty islands. Mysterious monsters struck from the fog, circling a large number of treasure ruins everywhere. Adventurers in the fantasy world have taken out their unique skills one after another, embarking on a journey to find those lost treasures. And these adventurers, also known as-Sky Thieves. Sky Thieves is a fantasy ultra-casual role-playing game, simple and smooth operation accompanied by gorgeous and fierce battles, testing the player's reaction and will.

By strengthening the character's abilities, matching the strongest equipment gems, challenging endless magical monsters, and collecting legendary treasures scattered everywhere. Players can receive offline placement rewards, walk through the main chapters, challenge event levels, open various treasure chests, collect gem fragments, upgrade and strengthen talent skills, and develop their own sky thief!

● One-finger control Casual fantasy Hyper RPG is easy to get started and proficient in difficult and smooth operations, with diverse and interesting character development elements!

● Fight in the air, challenge ancient monsters, defeat evil magic monsters, and welcome the beautiful fantasy world!

● Loot the treasure chest, combine the strongest combat power, strengthen gem talents, upgrade character values, and develop the strongest hero!

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