Play to Earn and Staking DAO

We envision using the play to earn portion of the issuance to reward key behaviors within our ecosystem such as:
  • Winning tournaments.
  • Play the Normal/ Weekly activities and Special Event.
  • Using the Sky Bandit marketplace.
  • Using future Sky Bandit products that haven't been announced yet.
‌The Play to Earn allocation can be seen as a marketing budget for the Sky Bandit ecosystem. When certain game modes and products are ready to be promoted, its play-to-earn allocation could be increased.
These allocations are something that could potentially be decided by governance over time.
The SBC earned through the Play to Earn allocation will initially be open for trading immediately, but our team will monitor the situation closely to decide if a lock-up on rewards is needed.

Reward Pool

Once the game launched, the planned reward pools and the amount of the initial 98,000,000 amount of $SBC and 3,920,000 monthly total rewards allocated to each can be found in the table below. Details about how to earn $SBC from each reward pool can be found in the following subsections of this document.
20%(98,000,000) is unlocked at the launch day of Sky Bandit Game (Blockchain Version), then unlock 1% of the rest amount each month. 1%*(490,000,000-98,000,000)=3,920,000 $SBC TOKEN each month.
Withdrawl $SSBC: Withdrawal of $SSBC for $SBC tokens is subject to tax (100%-20%, 2.5% daily decrease, minimum 20%) 70% of the net profit will be added to the earning reward pool, 10% will be added to the staking reward pool, and 20% will be used as operating costs. In-game fees 80% of the net profit is added to the reward pool for playing and earning. Repurchase: Team will allocate 10% of the net profit to repurchase $SBC in the market every month, and continue to expand the stability of the ecosystem.

Why Play to Earn with Sky Bandit?

A game needs players. By simply playing the game, community members are adding value to the network and should be rewarded. It’s simple, but revolutionary. We’re looking for missionaries to align incentives with as we change the gaming world forever. This is the future of Gaming industry and we should looking forward to matching up with Metaverse and GameFi, that is Sky Bandit.

Staking DAO (stay tuned)

Players can choose to pledge a certain percentage of $SBC + a character NFT to participate in community voting and governance, and active participants will receive certain rewards. (This function will announce in 2022 please stay tuned)
6-month plan: governance rights + a certain percentage of monthly interest (the NFT level of the pledge will affect the interest %)
12-month plan: governance rights + a certain percentage of monthly (the NFT level of pledge will affect the interest %)